By Karen Teng, BloombergBusinessWeek Staff WriterThe new model kits for the latest generation of the popular popular Japanese mobile fighter will arrive this spring, according to a company representative, and they will feature a variety of new vehicles and equipment, such as the G Gundam, which was a new addition in the 2015 version.

The Gundam X series has long been a popular line for Gundam fans, but the new models will include a variety more familiar to the Gundam fanbase, such a G Gundam and a Gundam X. (The model kits will include the original Gundam models in addition to new versions, the Gundam X1, X1-2, X2-3, X3-4, X4-5, X5-6, and X6-7, and a new model kit, the X6.)

The new models come with a range of new equipment, including new weapons, armor, and accessories, including a “Gundam X” suit and Gundam X Gundam helmet. 

Gundams will make an appearance in a few other new kits, including the “G-Vac” Gundam, “G Gundam” Gundam-X, and “G Gundams Gundam X” kits. 

The company also released a series of new models for the popular mobile game Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, the new version of which has a brand new “G” emblem on the chest and the “Mobile Suit Gundam” logo on the back.

The company is releasing a new Mobile Suit, Gundam, Gundam X-R, and Gundam: Gundam X Mobile Suit. 

Source: Gundam Magazine via Gundam Insider