A new video series has gone viral showing how Barbie dolls are being sold as women with fake breasts.

The new show, Barbie, will air on MTV tonight, and in the clip below, you can watch the doll models, Brazza, Brazzi and Barbie, being sold to a buyer in a fashion show.

A series called The Bizzest Dolls is also available.

The dolls have “facial hair and fake eyelashes,” and they are sold with “hilarious fake breasts,” according to MTV.

“In this clip, Barbie is selling her fake breasts to a woman who is buying the doll for $7,500,” the show says.

“The buyer, who is dressed in an American flag shirt, is also dressed in a red suit.

The doll, in this video, is wearing a red hat, a black mask, and a pink bow tie.

She’s also wearing the outfit from her video.”

The new series has also become a viral hit with fans, and it’s also been endorsed by a major fashion brand, Glamour, which has a Barbie doll in its line of products.

In addition to its Barbie doll line, the new series features the doll model Bella, a Barbie who is also an adult performer.

The Bazzest Doll dolls are made from plastic, and the dolls are sold in a pink packaging with a yellow ribbon.

In the video, Bella is shown posing with a black leather belt with the words “Sleeping With Barbie” written on it.

The caption for the video reads: “SLEEP WITH BARBARA.”

“I’ve been working in the modeling industry for almost two decades,” Bella said in the video.

“I have a beautiful body, and I’ve never had a fake breast.

Now, I can sell my boobs and get a fake job.”