“There’s nothing more special than being a model.”

That’s the sentiment that was expressed by one hot nude modeling agent who’s been in the industry since 2004.

In a new interview with NHL.com, the agent, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of being targeted by NHL officials, told us that she was one of the first models to sign a professional contract.

She was paid a cool $200,000 to model for an NHL team.

The agent, whose last job was modeling for an NFL team, told NHL.net that she had “absolutely no regrets” and that she felt like a “loyal servant.”

She told us about the experience of being one of a few models who got a “soul-sucking, dirty job.”

The agent said that she never once thought she was going to be forced to wear a dress or perform in public, and that the “fantastic” experience of modeling “was all for her and her family.”

“They were my kids, and it was a blessing,” she said.

She said she’s not the only model to go through the experience, but the agent who did it told us she has a lot of admiration for the model.

“It was such an honor to work for such a great team and such a wonderful person, and they were the first team I’ve worked for,” the agent said.

“I don’t think anyone could’ve guessed how great this franchise was going.”

It’s a story that’s been told many times before: If you work hard, you’ll eventually find a way to make it in the game, no matter what.

And if you have to get paid to do it, there’s nothing like that experience.

The “hot nude model” phenomenon is a reality for many, and one agent says that the salary she got was “very reasonable” and “not out of line” for what she did.

The agent also said that her experience was a positive one, and she felt lucky to be doing what she loved: modeling.

She said that modeling is a career that pays the bills, but that she doesn’t regret working for a team that is willing to pay her $200 million.

“The only regret I have is that I didn’t get paid for it,” she told NHL News.

The “hot naked model” model who told NHL Sports about the ‘real’ NHL salary and how much she made is not a regular model, she told us.

She’s not a stripper, she said, but rather a professional photographer who works at a sports-themed nightclub in Las Vegas.

She is also a licensed massage therapist who is paid by a company that provides professional body work to clients.

She says that she feels lucky to have such a successful career.

“Being a model is a job I love and I love to be paid well,” she tells NHL.

“And I get to make a living from it, which I love.

And the other day, I got a call from a client, and he said he wanted to pay me $300,000.

That’s pretty much the minimum salary I’m supposed to get for modeling.”

The NHL’s salary cap is $6 million per team, which means that the average NHL player is earning $1.1 million per year, according to NHL.ca.

But not all models are paid as much as that, according an agent who worked on a few teams that are in the National Hockey League.

That agent, however, also said she never thought about it until after her work with a team.

She told NHLs parent company Sportsnet that the agent was the only person who asked for a salary like that, and the only reason she was paid that amount was because of the “exposure” she provided.

The model, who also wished to stay anonymous for now, said she had no regrets about working for an organization that valued the brand of her modeling work.

She explained how she got the job: “I had a really good agent, so I was really excited about working with him,” she recalled.

“He was really easy to work with and I think he was really knowledgeable and professional.

I didn, however,” she added, “want to get into a big fight and start making money.”

But, according the agent (who wished to be known only as Ms. A), “it didn’t turn out that way.

He was really bad.”

She said that the client had been “really upset” and said he had “no idea” why the agent had “paid me so much.”

The model added that she would never have made the money she did if she hadn’t been paid to model, because she was already “one of the hottest women in the world” and the client was willing to give her a “full-time job.”

“It wasn’t really until a couple of years after my work with him that he was paying me,” she explained. “We