This week, a naked male model has been discovered in California, and his body is on display for the first time.

The model, whose name has not been released, was photographed in Los Angeles on Wednesday by a fashion photographer, and has now been named Von Thunnen, after the Von Tungen brothers, the founders of the German company that produced the Model-T tunic in the early 1900s.

The man in the photo is dressed in a white shirt, dark pants, a white t-shirt and black shoes.

He has dark hair and a long, black beard, and is not wearing a face mask.

Von Thunnens model also has a tattoo on his upper right leg that is not visible in the photos.

The Von Thunsons model is a member of the Model Club of the Austrian city of Tübingen.

The photographer, Andreas Von Thuner, told The Associated Press he was photographing a Model-Club member at the time.

He said the ModelClub member had told him the model had a tattoo of the model’s name.

He said he did not have the model name in mind when he took the photos, but the model was identified by his name and the tattoo on the leg.

Volta Vitti, a spokeswoman for the Model Clubs, told AP that Von Thunningen had previously worked for the club.

She said the club’s members “look forward to being able to provide support and encouragement to the model and his family.”

“We know that the modeling profession is very difficult,” Vittis said.

“We are looking forward to his health, his well-being and to the future of this industry,” she said.