NEW YORK — Playboy model Tameka Lee, 37, has been found dead at her home in New York City, the company announced Friday.

She was 43.

Her family said in a statement that Lee died Friday at a hospital in Los Angeles, where she was being treated for lymphoma.

The statement said she was a talented actress who won the Vogue Swimsuit of the Year award in 2005 and starred in three films.

She was also a model for a clothing line, The Temptations, and the actress has also starred in television shows, including American Idol, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Celebrity Wife Swap.

She is survived by her husband, James, a producer on The Real Houses, and two children, Jaden and Kianna.

Lee starred in a number of movies in the 1990s and was an integral part of the Vulture Awards, a popular fashion show that awards prizes to the most influential women of the decade.

Lee was a model and actress before she got into modeling, according to her Instagram.

In her Instagram post, Lee described herself as a “model and actress” who appeared in several Vogue swimsuit categories, including the Swimsuit Of The Year, as well as the Women’s Swimsuit and the Men’s Swimwear.

I’m heartbroken.

My friend Tami was a star in my life.

I’ve been a model, a star, and a pioneer.

Tami is the personification of all the things that makes me who I am.

I loved being able to show her off.

She taught me everything I know, including how to get naked, how to do makeup, how not to let people know how I look, how I feel.

My heart is broken.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Tami Lee in Vogue magazine in 2007.

Born in Los Angles, California, in 1982, Lee went to the University of Southern California and starred on the hit sitcom Lenny, where her mom was a producer.

She worked as a dancer and model before joining Playboy.

She also had her own line of cosmetics.