The storm is set to make landfall across the northern and central portions of the United States on Saturday.

It is expected to cause power outages across much of the state, as well as in the Northeast and parts of Texas.

The storm’s path will bring rain, wind, flooding and mudslides.

A total of 20 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have been declared disaster zones.

The full extent of damage is not known, but the storm has the potential to produce some of the worst weather in recent memory.

Some areas have already been evacuated.

Some of the hardest-hit areas include Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, South Carolina and Louisiana.

The National Weather Service has warned that more than 3 feet of rain is expected by Saturday morning.

The hurricane center has issued a flash flood watch for the entire state of Louisiana, and more than 8 inches of rain has already fallen.

Hurricane warnings and watches have been issued for the coastal regions of Texas, Georgia and Alabama, and for parts of Louisiana and Tennessee.

In addition, there are several high water zones in Florida and a high storm surge watch for Miami.

The center of the storm is expected near the coast of Florida on Saturday morning and is expected move east and into the Gulf of Mexico, according to the National Hurricane Center.