Craigslist has a new way to buy a car.

If you want a new or used car, or even just the car itself, you can now do it through the online marketplace.

As of Tuesday morning, the site now accepts all major credit cards, and allows you to make payments in a variety of currencies.

It’s a great way to get the most out of your new or worn-out car, and you don’t need a huge deposit to do so.

It is the first time Craigslist has offered this service, and it’s not without controversy.

One of the problems with the online vehicle market is the anonymity of buyers.

The buyer can set their own price and location, and they can also set up an account to get their credit card information.

There is a possibility that a seller may try to cheat you out of a deposit, but the site says it is not designed for this.

The seller will also have to agree to the terms of the seller’s agreement, and the seller must also agree to allow the seller to make a payment on the item.

There are several fees involved, but if you are interested in buying the car you can set up a payment account online.

This is not the first car-buying site that accepts credit cards.

A few months ago, car and truck sales website CarMax began accepting Visa and MasterCard.

CarMax says the site’s service is designed to make the process more convenient for people who have trouble getting a car loan, and if you’re interested in car buying, CarMax has a list of cars you can look at and borrow for $2,500.

It also has a car payment app for iPhone and Android, and a car rental app for the Apple Watch.

The site says there are no fees, and that it will be more reliable than other car lending sites.

It has raised $3 million in venture funding to date, and CarMax says it will expand its service over time.

Car loans are one of the hottest markets for car enthusiasts, and as of last week, Craigslist had more than 6,400 listings for car and tractor-trailer loans.