The latest edition of The Irish News reveals how the first couple’s glamorous lifestyles inspired them to become the best of the best.

Melania Trump and her husband, the US president, have had a busy couple of years.

Melanie is working on her fashion design for a new line of jewellery for his daughters.

Melania is also working on a fashion line for the Trump Organization, which she founded in 1994.

They have recently launched a line of beauty products.

She recently revealed her latest collection, which is available in a range of colors.

She is now preparing to launch her first line of luxury accessories.

She has also been spotted out shopping in a number of US cities, including New York, Miami, New York and Las Vegas.

She recently bought a $12,000 gold and silver Chanel bracelet, which features the first daughter’s signature butterfly motif.

The brand is currently selling out quickly, with demand expected to increase by the end of the year.

Melanias jewellery collection is available now.