FourFourThree One of the new Gucci models for 2015 is the new model for the Gucci Collection.

The new Guccis new line is called The Fifth Season.

It features two colors: red and black, and features a very similar silhouette to Gucci’s latest collection.

The Fifth season also features a new design and colorway, and the new design is similar to Gucci’s previous releases.

The Gucci Fifth Season is made with suede leather and a suede grip.

The strap and footbox have a mesh material, and it also has a new pattern on the sides.

The leather is very soft and smooth, and its a very attractive color.

The Fifth Season has a more traditional style than the previous collection, with a much lighter, more contemporary look.

The most notable difference between the Fifth Season and the previous models is the red and white color, which is made by Gucci and made in collaboration with SVD, which makes its own leather.

The red color has a slightly metallic sheen, which complements the leather and suede.

The fifth season is expected to hit stores in late April or early May.

Stay tuned for more news on this new Guicestre and new Guicci releases.