By Tom Gorman, BBC NewsA new model from the German company Bohr Atomic is being promoted as a way to make consumers feel more connected to their phones.

The company’s latest model – the Bohr Atom – has an extra-wide display that is designed to be used with a stylus or a finger.

It can also be used to scan and receive texts, and it comes with a Bluetooth range extender so it can be used as a companion device.

The device comes in four sizes, ranging from 16mm up to 20mm in width, and each of the four sizes can be swapped out in the battery, with the most expensive being 16mm.

Its name is a reference to Bohr’s famous atom, a symbol of atomic power.

Bohr Atomic says the new device is ideal for people who feel they can’t use a phone as often because of its size.

It is also a new way to market its cell phone.

It is a big step for the company, which has been looking to improve its position in the smartphone market, and for its partner, Siemens, which is also developing a range of products based on its technology.

However, there is no shortage of competitors to take its place.

Apple and Google have both unveiled their own versions of their Android phones, while the likes of Nokia and Samsung are also developing their own devices.

Some people have questioned whether the new phones are the best, but the Bohrs have shown that they can make money with a device that does not come cheap.

The new Bohr models are made from carbon nanotubes, which are stronger than ordinary carbon and are also a better conductor of energy.

The company has also developed a special material called carbon-fibre that is more flexible than carbon.

It has said the Bohrer Atomic is one of the best-performing batteries in the world.

The battery is said to be made of a thin sheet of carbon nanofibre, a material that is extremely strong and conducts electricity at high temperatures.

The carbon-filament is also used in many other high-end consumer electronics, such as Apple’s iPhone.

The Bohr-atom battery has a battery life of about 10 years.

Bohrer said it is developing new battery technologies that will reduce the weight of the phone and will allow the batteries to last longer.