NISSAN has unveiled the latest model of the Nissan SUV brand, the Nissan Souvera, a move which the Japanese carmaker believes will change the landscape of luxury and performance.

Nissan unveiled the new SUV, the Souverabra, which is expected to launch in 2020, in Tokyo.

The brand is hoping the SUV will be a breakthrough for the brand, as it will mark the return of its SUV brand to its core segment, while also offering consumers more choice and comfort in their daily lives.

“The Nissan Syrcanas core segment is a market which Nissan is now aiming to reach new heights in.

The brand will also be able to reach further into the market, especially in emerging markets like India, China and South Africa,” Nissan India CEO J.V. Vijay said in a statement.”

By introducing a brand-new model in 2019, the company is positioning itself to become the ‘next big thing’ in premium SUVs.”

The brand said that the Syrca is based on the current-generation Souveracool and Souverak and will be priced at a price of around Rs 5,000 ($760) in India.

“For the first time in the brand’s history, we have developed an SUV with an aerodynamic package that combines a lightweight carbon fiber body with an electric motor.

The body is also lightweight enough to allow the vehicle to carry a maximum payload of about 30kg.

The Syrcabra has been developed using the latest materials and technologies in the car and will feature advanced safety features such as an adaptive cruise control, self-leveling ABS, lane keeping assist and a fully self-adjusting suspension.”

Nissan will also introduce a new generation of electric vehicle, the new Souverax.

This new Syrax will be more efficient, more fuel-efficient and less expensive than the current generation, offering an eco-friendly option for the growing market in India,” the company said.

The company said the Syscanabra will be the first SUV in the company’s history to feature a four-wheel-drive system, making it the first Nissan SUV to be powered by an all-wheel drive system.NISSAN’s SUV brand is set to be the third-largest vehicle segment in the global market after the Japanese automaker’s flagship model, the Land Cruiser, and the Nissan Altima.

The SUV brand will launch in Japan, with sales expected to be in excess of 1 million units by the end of 2020.

Nissan has been expanding its luxury car business for the past decade and has been seen as a global leader in its segment.

The automaker has recently been developing a range of premium SUWs, including the Landcruiser and the SYScanabras.NISMO CEO K.V.-S.

Rajput said that while the brand had a solid base, the latest models were an important milestone in the evolution of the brand.”

Our brand is the world’s leading premium SUV brand.

We aim to build a future where the Sycanabaras brand will become one of the most powerful in the world,” Rajput told reporters.”

Today, we are excited about the launch of the Sisyca, which shows the company in a new light and gives us more opportunity to deliver on our vision of making our SUV the world-class luxury vehicle of tomorrow,” he added.