Ottawa – If you want to look your best in your home, get a haircut, wear a top, dress up and go to the movies, you have to dress up for glamour.

And in the capital, there are plenty of options to try on outfits and do the hair.

But if you want a more personal look, it might be time to look to some Ottawa’s glamour modelling scene.

There are so many glamour-focused events and shoots happening this year, there’s no telling which will have the biggest impact on you, said Dina Nelis, the co-founder of the Ottawa glamour page, Fashion Trends Magazine.

“There’s a lot of glamour on TV right now, but there are a lot more in the real world,” she said.

“And so, for us, we want to bring glamour to the people.”

If it’s all about the look, some models wear top hats and make-up to make the look more of a fashion statement.

Others will just wear a simple top and jeans and wear a wig and lip gloss to accentuate their natural beauty.

Nelis said a lot depends on the style of the event, and what type of stylist is available.

If a glamour shoot is the type you’re looking for, there will be a few models wearing top hats, she said, adding that some models will wear make-ups and make sure to have a wig to blend in.

In the end, she says, it’s up to you what type and style of outfit you want.

“I would say if you’re interested in getting a cut, then a top hat, if you’d like to look glamorous, that’s great,” she explained.

You can also buy a wig or make-over to do the look and get that make-out effect, but you have options if you don’t want to wear a make-overs, she added.

The trend for the most part, Nelas said, is to look the part with a simple outfit that goes well with a wig.

“There are people out there who don’t have make-outs and they look really glamorous,” she added, noting that a lot are actually interested in the makeup, but want to get it done.

However, there can be some exceptions.

For instance, if it’s a fashion event and you want the look of a high-end outfit, it could be a wig, she suggested.

“If you can’t afford it, there might be other ways of getting it done, and I think that’s something you’re going to find out when you go out,” she laughed.

“Some people will dress up, but some people might want to go back to basics.”