Ahead of the launch of the new Hyundai Elancera SUV, we asked the carmaker and Toyota what it will mean for consumers if it’s launched.

Here are the answers.1.

Will Hyundai and Toyota sell the Elanceras SUV?

Hyundai and Toyota both say the Elantras SUV will be launched later this year.

But both companies also expect it to be sold on its own in some markets.

“The launch of this SUV is a natural continuation of our ongoing collaboration with Hyundai to deliver a highly premium sedan for the global market,” a Hyundai spokesperson told Sportscar365.

“The launch is being planned in conjunction with our key partners and with the backing of our global team.

The Elanceara will be a vehicle that we believe is the best SUV for the enthusiast, with the ability to go beyond the comfort of the market and the premium experience that the market has been demanding for decades.”

Toyota told Sportscards blog: “We will continue to develop and launch innovative and premium vehicles in the coming years, and the Elaneas SUV is our most recent collaboration to help accelerate this momentum.”

Hyundai has also said that the Elances SUV will feature a “new form factor”, the most recent name for a crossover SUV, and that the brand’s new Lexus SUVs will be called “Lexus Elancea” and “Lexys.”

The Elanceas SUV will arrive at dealerships in 2019, but it’s likely to remain on the market longer.

It will be available in two trim levels.

The standard model will start at around $49,500, while the Premium model will set you back around $70,000.

Both models will come with the new Lexis LFA and Lexys LFA Performance packages, which Toyota says offer “extra performance” thanks to their larger engines.

Hyundai’s Elanceanas SUV won’t be the only new vehicle the company is bringing to market in the future.

It has a new version of its SUV for sale in the US, a small SUV that will hit the market in 2020.