If you want to know the percentage of a phone that will charge while it’s charging, the best way to do it is to plug it in to a wall outlet, the Huffington Post has discovered.

While the percentage may sound low, it’s actually quite high, as the article details:The Huffington Post’s post provides an explanation of how to calculate a wireless charging profile, as well as some examples of different wireless charging profiles:According to the article, the wireless charger percentage is calculated by taking the wireless power output of a wireless phone, and dividing it by the battery life of the phone.

The wireless power, in turn, is multiplied by a factor called the wireless efficiency to arrive at the wireless charge percentage.

For example, if you have a 4.7-inch Android smartphone, with a wireless power rating of 50W and a wireless efficiency of 0.5W, the charging percentage would be 50.5%.

This means that if you plug the phone in to an outlet with a 0.9W wireless power outlet, you’ll get an average of 50.1% wireless power and a 0% wireless efficiency.

The article also details how to determine the wireless energy efficiency of a device, and how to use a battery life measurement to calculate an estimated charging percentage.

If you’re looking for more information on wireless charging, you can check out this post from The Verge.