Updated May 25, 2018 10:59:38Acura announced the new 2019 Acura Acura RDX Sport and RDX Premium in Europe today.

The two new models, which are now available in Europe, feature a new front fascia design with a black-painted rear bumper, LED daytime running lights, and new rear diffuser.

The Acura RLX Sport has a 5.2L twin-turbo V6, a new all-wheel-drive system, and a new six-speed manual transmission.

The RLX Premium is offered in two trim levels: the Premium with the same six-spoke alloy wheels and brakes, and the Premium Sport with a more aggressive body style and sporty exhaust.

The new 2019 models are available in four trim levels for the European market: the Acura RSX Sport, Acura RX Sport, RSX Premium, and RX Sport Premium.

Acura has also updated the RDX lineup to include the new RSX R, RDX RX, and RDx R, with the latter two coming to Europe later this year.

All models come with a limited 24-month warranty and are available with a new powertrain, heated seats, heated pedals, a rearview camera, and all-new driver assistance features.

The 2019 Acurias Sport model is available with the new all new powertrains, while the new RDX and RDxi models are the same for both sport and sedan versions.