How to make the best of the chocolate model homes.

The models are all designed to look like the real thing, and the owners have gone above and beyond to ensure the models look as close to real as possible.

The owners of the models use materials like wood and metal to build the homes and have even created special decorations that will help the homes stand out from the rest.

The model homes are built on wood, metal and ceramic, and each house is handcrafted.

They even have the option of adding a fireplace, as they want to make sure each home is unique.

Read More: The owners even have a video on YouTube to showcase each house and show how it is built.

One of the owners, Michael Johnson, shared some photos of how the models are made.

This video shows the process and what each home comes out like.

The houses come in three versions, the 12-unit version, the 10-unit and the 10.5-unit.

They also come in a number of different colors, like white, pink, orange and blue.

The 12-Unit Homes are the ones you might expect to see in a mall.

They are made of a mix of wood and plastic and are meant to be a home for kids.

The 10-Unit homes are meant for adults.

The 9-Unit houses are meant just for adults and the 8-Unit is meant for anyone.

The homes are made from a mixture of recycled plastic, reclaimed wood, recycled aluminum and fiberglass, and are all made with the same kind of materials.

The prices for the homes range from $5,000 to $25,000 depending on the model, but it’s not the cheapest option out there.

Check out the video below to see the homes in action.

They come in several different styles, ranging from single-story to two-story.

Each home comes with a video of the construction process.

Each of the homes are handcrafted, with the owners working with a team of artists to create the perfect look.

The first video shows a simple version of the home that is meant to showcase the model’s design.

The second video shows an expanded version of that house, with a fireplace and other decorative elements added.

Each owner also shares what it’s like to work with the builders.

The third video shows some of the finished homes.

Each homeowner has their own custom ideas for the design, with each of the model owners sharing their thoughts.

The most popular options are made out of wood, but the models also come with aluminum, wood, ceramic and even plastic.

The video below shows the homes at the end of the day.

The videos above show just some of what’s available to the models, but you can check out more photos and videos of the kitchens, bathrooms, kitchens and other features.

There’s a lot to love about these models, especially if you love the way they look.

It’s a great way to get into the DIY aspect of homes and to get in on the fun of the DIY community.