By now, you probably know that a lot of McLarens and Fords come with custom parts.

But what if you wanted a different body?

Now you can, thanks to a new feature in Autodesk’s SimCity 3, called the SimBody Editor.

While this is great for those who don’t mind painting their own parts, it’s just not a good fit for people who have more than one car.

For example, if you want to add a hood scoop on a McLaren SRT-10, you’d need to create an entirely new car for it, but Autodesks SimBody editor is designed to work in tandem with the existing body in the SimCity game.

That means you can simply select the existing car, drag the SimBodies mesh into the editor, and the hood scoop will be added.

There are no limitations to the amount of parts you can drag into the Simbody Editor, and you can even drag any car model.

While the editor isn’t quite as robust as you’d expect from an existing body, it works well enough to make it possible to create something like this: [via Engadgets]