Posted August 14, 2018 05:31:51Bodybuilding models like the one above have long been known for their body-shaking power, but a new bodybuilder, a man named John Smith, may have just found the perfect solution to this problem.

Smith, who goes by the nickname DarkSkinModel, has a strong body but he’s also incredibly skinny.

He’s an avid bodybuilder who was able to lose 15 pounds over the course of six months without cutting down on his calories, according to his website.

And now he’s making the transformation that most of us might have dreamed of: He’s become the first bodybuilder to gain a 10-pound body without losing muscle.

Here’s how it went down.

What makes Smith’s transformation so unique?

Bodybuilding is known for its extreme demands, especially in terms of muscle.

That’s because you need to build muscle to compete at the highest level.

Bodybuilding requires you to train in a strict, intense environment that demands intense cardio, endurance, and strength.

That intensity is not easy to achieve in a sedentary lifestyle.

This means you need a ton of calories and you need the support and nutrition to keep your body healthy.

That support comes in the form of a diet that includes a lot of protein, a lot less fat and sugar, and lots of low-fat, high-carbohydrate, and high-fat foods.

The only foods that are considered low-calorie in the strictest definition of the word are meats and dairy products.

The bodybuilders diet is based around protein, carbs, and fats.

The most common low-carb, high fat diet in the world is comprised of potatoes, rice, pasta, and vegetables.

But for those of us who don’t like potatoes, this isn’t ideal.

If you’re not into those kinds of foods, there are a lot more low- and moderate-carb foods that you can use instead.

You can go for something more moderate, like meat-based meat alternatives.

And if you don’t mind eating a lot, you can go vegan.

If all you want to do is gain weight, you’re going to need a strict diet.

The strict diet that most bodybuilders follow is called a low-to-moderate-carb diet.

It’s also known as a strict ketogenic diet, because it’s based on low-glycemic index, or low-GI, foods like potatoes.

The reason why bodybuilders and other elite athletes tend to follow a strict low- carb diet is that it allows them to train with their full intensity for a longer period of time.

The idea is that the body will become accustomed to the ketones that are produced during this high-intensity period of training.

But because bodybuilders usually don’t use a lot or all of the carbs in their diet, they lose a lot.

Bodybuilders also have a strong immune system.

They’re often diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, so they’re at a higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

But the strict ketotic diet is very strict, so the body naturally adjusts to that, and they get used to it.

It makes a big difference in your health.

How did you lose 15 lbs?

Bodybuilders usually lose about 10 to 15 pounds a week.

That means you would need to eat about 800 calories a day to lose the 15 pounds.

And because bodybuilding is an extreme sport, you need plenty of calories.

If your diet is strict and you don�t get much exercise, your body can adjust to the low- to moderate- carb approach without much of a problem.

You also need to take in a lot to keep up with your weight.

When you lose weight, your skin becomes lighter and your muscles become stronger.

Your muscle tone will also go up and you’ll be able to do more exercises.

But what about the negatives?

Weight loss can be hard, especially when you lose a ton.

It can feel like you�re missing out on some of your most important bodybuilding secrets.

You might also start feeling depressed.

But don�re going to quit your job.

Bodybuilder diets are not very low-maintenance, and there are always people who have their own strict diet in place.

It takes about six months to make a transition to a ketotic, low-protein, lowfat diet.

If Smith is able to stick to his strict low carb diet for six months, he’ll likely lose a few more pounds, but he’ll be more than able to maintain the same level of body fat and lean muscle.

What are the benefits of a ketogenic low-sugar diet?

The ketogenic ketotic is a diet designed to help you burn more fat during your low-intensity workouts.

And there are some really important benefits to the diet.

First of all, you�ll burn more carbohydrates during your workouts.

When bodybuilders do their workouts, they use carbs to get the blood going.

This is what causes