When BMW unveiled the new M5, the first model to be called the BMW M, there were some serious complaints.

First, it was supposed to be cheaper than the outgoing model, the M4, at around £27,500.

Second, the engine was supposed be better than the previous M model, which was also meant to be more affordable.

The new model, however, was supposed too expensive to be used for everyday use and it wasn’t meant to go on sale until 2020.

So it was left to a new generation of BMW fans to complain about the new model’s prices.

Here are a few reasons why the new cars are so cheap.1.

The engine isn’t cheap.

The BMW M has a 2.0-litre, turbocharged flat-four engine which produces 636bhp and 1,000Nm of torque.

But the M5 uses a 2-litres, twin-turbocharged engine with an output of 2,000bhp, 1,900Nm and a claimed torque of 3,200Nm.

That’s a lot of torque, especially when the car is running at just over 150km/h.

And it’s a huge step up from the engine used in the previous generation, which produced around 1,400bhp.2.

The interior is cheap.

While the car’s interior is made of carbon fibre, it’s made of plastic instead.

This means it’s more durable and offers better protection against scratches and dings.

In fact, it looks better than any other BMW interior that we’ve seen, which is why it’s so popular.3.

It’s more comfortable.

It’s true that the new car has a very large, plush, cushy interior, but there’s a reason why people are still spending so much money on their cars.

The new M 5 is more comfortable than the BMW 6 Series and even the M3.

There’s even an optional soft seat, so the M 5 feels more like a luxury car than an everyday one.4.

The seats are much better.

The seats in the new new BMW 5 Series are much nicer than those in the BMW 5.

They’re comfortable and they’re adjustable.5.

The powertrain is more reliable.

The engine is rated at a claimed 518bhp at 5,500rpm and the petrol engine is also rated at 431bhp when fully loaded at 5kW.

It’s not the highest rated engine in the world but it’s not too far off the average.

Even so, the petrol is rated with an 80 per cent safety margin, meaning it will last longer in a crash.6.

It comes with a good range of accessories.

If you need more range, you can get the standard battery pack which will last for up to 14 years and will be available in the standard colour option of gold or silver.

Also, if you want to upgrade to a battery pack, you’ll need to buy a kit.

The kit will include the standard range of 12-volt and 12-amp alternator, the charger and the battery.

7. It costs £23,995.

But don’t expect the same kind of quality as the previous model.

As far as we can tell, the new models will not be able to match the previous BMW M. You can buy a 5 Series with a 5-litrew-hour petrol engine, but that’s because the engine is the same as the BMW 7 Series.


It doesn’t come with a touchscreen.

The M5 is available in black, red or silver with the option of black and silver.9.

You can only get it in Europe.

If this wasn’t enough, you also need to get a limited edition of the new 6 Series in the UK, which starts at £23.99.10.

It only has a 9-speed manual gearbox and it only comes with one colour.

If there’s one thing that has us excited about the future of the BMW brand, it might be the new range of the 5 Series.