Subaru’s brand-new SUV and wagon models are already on sale, but the automaker will soon be adding a third vehicle to the lineup: the Subaru Legacy.

Starting this fall, Subaru will be releasing the Legacy in two versions, the Legacy Sedan and Legacy Cross-Country.

The Legacy Cross Country will be the more expensive model, but it will also have a much larger trunk and better cabin.

Both models will be available in either black or silver.

Subaru’s website describes the Legacy Cross as “a full-size SUV with a powerful engine that delivers the same exhilarating performance as a sports car, but in a smaller package that can handle the rigors of everyday living.”

The Legacy Sedans will be more affordable than the Cross Country, but will offer a more spacious interior.

In addition, both cars will be able to go for up to 150 miles on a single charge.

Both cars will have two seats, and both models will come with a rearview camera and stereo.

The 2018 Subaru Legacy will be sold starting in October.

The Subaru Legacy Cross will be launched in November.