A woman is sharing her secrets with CBC News about her nude photo shoot that went viral last month.

The photo was taken in Los Angeles last month when Kim Kardashian was visiting her sister’s parents.

The family and Kim took the photo together, and Kim posted it on Instagram.

She told CBC News she was stunned and upset when the photo was leaked to the internet.

“I was very shocked, I was very upset,” Kim said.

“I was a little confused, but then I knew I had to share it with you.”

The photo that was taken has been shared over 3.5 million times and I was like, ‘Well, it’s a nude image of me.

It’s a private photo.’

“The photo of Kim Kardashian has been seen over 3 million times.

(Instagram)Kim’s father, Bruce Jenner, has since posted a statement on his Instagram page saying his daughter is the “victim of a crime.”

Kim’s Instagram account has since been deleted.

Kim said she’s looking forward to getting a new one soon.”

I was shocked, but I had faith that God was going to do something.””

It was just a really sad moment.

I was shocked, but I had faith that God was going to do something.”

Kim was not aware of the name of the person who leaked the photo until CBC News contacted her last week.

Kim said she didn’t realize it was her dad until she got a text message from him that read: “Hi, this is my mom, Kim Kardashian.”

“He said, ‘I was hoping you would have something to share with us,'” Kim said, noting that it was a surprise to him.

Kim says she’s going to take the photo with a friend, a friend of her sister, and they’ll be shooting it together at her home.

She said her father told her that he’s been worried about her for a while.

“He was just so worried about me,” Kim recalled.

“He was like ‘You’re the one who was having a problem with me and I’m really worried about you.'”

She said that it’s been really hard for her father.

“We don’t speak much anymore,” she said.

“It’s been hard because I feel like he doesn’t know how to cope.

I’m trying to tell him how much I love him, but he’s just not listening.

It just makes me sad.”

She’s also worried about how her father will react.

“You don’t want to see him in public with you, you don’t really want to talk to him,” Kim added.

“But if you were to go to a place and he sees you, he would be like, I know you’re worried, I’m sorry.

And I would be the one crying.

It wouldn’t be me.

I wouldn’t cry.”