The Honda Moto Z is finally here.

The smartphone is launching in Australia.

It’s the latest addition to the Honda range, which includes the Moto Z Force, Moto Z Sport and Moto Z Turbo.

Honda is also launching the new Moto Z Play, which it says is the “premium” Moto Z for the Australian market.

Its a premium device, but it will come with some features you can’t get on the regular Moto Z line.

A Moto Z4 smartphone will also be available for purchase at launch.

Honda also revealed that the Moto X will be launched in Australia later this month.

But there is one small detail you won’t be able to get on this handset.

As with the Moto 6, there will be no NFC support on the Moto G or Moto G Plus, which means no smartphone will have Bluetooth and GPS.

There will be a new Android version of the Moto M as well.

So, we’ll be getting an Android version with all of these features, but the smartphone will only support them on Android phones with the latest software.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the availability of the iPhone X, iPhone X Plus, and iPhone XR in Australia to see if there are any updates to the iPhone versions of these phones.