I’m a model, the host of The Voice, and I’ve been a professional athlete for years.

But the most important job I have right now is the job of being the league’s most powerful voice in the sport.

I’m here to tell you how the NFL and the league should handle this.

The NFL has the power to do the right thing for the game.

And if it doesn’t, then it’s our fault.

I want you to know that, yes, we are aware of this issue.

We are working on it, and we’re going to get it fixed.

The truth is, we need you to step up.

The NFL has a lot of work to do.

But we’re ready.

We’ve been working hard, and our work is going to be rewarded with more than a million more viewers and more than one million more paid subscribers.

We need you now more than ever to tell us what’s wrong.

We’re the voice of the NFL.

We can fix it.

We’ve done that.

You can help us.

We need you.

If you want to know why the NFL needs you more than anyone else, then you’re the person to speak to.

I’m here today to tell the NFL what you need to know.